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    Hi!! I've had a look at your posts and they all seem to be fine.. no problems that I can see :)

    I think that link to the website with the time/date also has a section where you can put in a time from your country and it will show you what time it is at that particular time in other countries... so that should help you work out the chat time! I'm pretty sure that it will be the middle of the night in the USA when it's 8:00pm here.. so you'll probably be asleep! lol!

    Kel :)
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    Reply from vampfan4u:

    Dear Kelcouch, Thanks for your note! I'm glad to hear I posted alright and I wasn't just talking to myself - HaHa!!
    Yes, I'm afraid It is 4AM here when it is 8PM Australia time but if I ever have a sleepless night on
    Wednesday or Sunday I'll get on the computer and chat with the Ozlighters!
    Take care and have a good week! Your Ohio friend, vampfan4u